Saturday, May 31, 2014

Web Toon Review: C-Students

From deviant annasabi101
From the guy who brought you those autistic Sonic and My Little Pony crossovers and the far less polished series predecessor, Seniors, all around swell weirdo James Barkley (aka AnimatedJames) brings us what his sure to be his Magnum Opus that will eventually be given three shorts and dropped for something basically the same, C-Students

The best part? It's pretty good.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cartoon Review(s): "The Royals" and "AJ's Infinite Summer" pilots

While aimlessly surfing the web in a state of pre-summer vegetation today, I discovered an interesting piece of news from Cartoon Network. You see, with every show such as Steven Universe, Spongebob, or Gravity Falls, each has a test phase in the form of a short to give to the networks as a pitch, or a pilot. Yesterday, Cartoon Network apparently released two new shorts created by some of the staff from Regular Show, and each of them seems seems interesting, at least from first glance. But are they on board the same triumphant track as the emerging greats Steven Universe and Clarence