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Critics2D didn't start from nothing. It got started with the help of our parent company and a never present crew. Needless to say, we have friends in low places. Friends who aren't afraid to say naughty words or drunkenly tell you they love you.

So why not meet our friends?

Horse News
The land of the damned and disgusting, of pone and the pathetic, the place where it all began. Broadcasting 24/7 coverage of the absolute worst of humanity and best of the My Little Pony fandom, Horse News is a trailblazer the world needed but didn't deserve. From segments like Tidbits and Cringe Corner to obscene looks in to the psyche of Bronies, Horse News has become some people's joy and the bane of existence towards others. So which is it for you?

Did you really think drama was exclusive to ponies only? Developed to both compete with Equestria Daily's failed attempt at a SU news site and piss of elitist fans on Tumblr for laughs, Universe News is your one stop for your daily intake of Steven Universe. From reviews to satire, laughter and drama, this is the only place you'll need to go to get your gem fix.

Ohio Bronies Horse Infamous Forums
In the world of corporate takeovers, there's usually not room for booze and little girls cartoons. Well the folks over at Horse News wanted to change that, making a brutal grab for the Ohio Bronies forum. Check out their first thread that lead to the take over or the official questions thread and see what information you can force out of the bastards.

Equestria Jukebox
It's a hard job providing music stolen from YouTube to fanatical cult members, but someone's got to do it. Equestria Jukebox has the hook up, letting users create their own channels and make them feel a little bit happy for a while. Good for them.

Equestria Gaming
You know what's sad? Gaming channels. So naturally HNN has you covered with Equestria Gaming, a site for all things gaming that are horse related. Run by Horse News colleague Tuxxy, this site will keep you covered day and night with all your horse simulator and 8-bit nostalgia trip needs. Just don't wait for something from a major company.

True Equestria Radio
Run by yet another Horse News colleague, PonyToast hosts his always popular True Equestria Radio show, with guest CapperGeneral regularly coming in to embarrass himself. Fun fact: Neither of them are sober. Ever. This indefinite bender can be linked back to PonyToast fucking something up as always. Regardless, if you have time to kill and narcotics to ingest, have yourself some fun and listen to quality internet radio.

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