Sunday, November 9, 2014

Random Artist Showcase: SuperSketch1220

Coming up with simple, yet fun articles can be a pain. A labor of love, but frustrating. However one concept we haven't abandoned from the beginning was focusing on you, the artists. The people who do what we do, but with animation and drawings and all the wonderful stuff you've created that is your mark on the world. So, in what we hope is a series of articles we get to keep doing, today we're going to showcase those talents with our very limited spotlight. And we figured we'd start with someone we know.

Matthew Shelley, or SuperSketch as the internet knows him, is a REALLY hardcore Ben 10 fan from Panama City. Yes, that Panama City, where at the very least they host an annual CreativeCon that he attends each year. Matt is no stranger to us at Critics2D either, having ghost written an article here before. He doesn't write for us anymore apparently, but don't hold it against him, neither does anyone else. 

Below are some selected works that we thought really showcased his drawing prowess, a lot of which staying true to the Omniverse style and characters. We have also labeled each one for your convenience.

SuperSketch1220 Showcase
The Thing
emo robocop
Adam West's pajamas

Korean propaganda posters

Ben and the cosmic space pear

Sonic I guess

Future Spiderman with bewbs
Spiderboy and the sexiest mother fu- DEADPOOL GET OFF OF MY COMPUTER

Kate Winslet at ComicCon

Casper the spermicidal ghost

The White guy from The Blind Side

Blue thing


And that concludes the SuperSketch showcase. Remember this isn't the artist's entire collection, so feel free to explore the links we left or be a dick and don't, because I'm not making anymore. If YOU would like your art to be displayed in a showcase so a dozen or so extra people can see it, please click the "Contact Us" button and shoot me an email. And for those on your phones, here. Also please, as much as I love porn, it will not be displayed in a showcase. Unless you draw me as sexy as possible. 

Draw me as sexy as possible. Now.

do it

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