Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Help me (and others) win a Shorty Award for absolutely no reason

As if award shows for over glorified movie stars wasn't enough, now they're doing one for social media. So screw it, if we're going to do this, I want in because reasons. I'm nominated for #blogger, so vote for me here! Matter of fact, who else do I give my support to...

Nominate me on Twitter for #blogger!
Yes, I have become a sell out. Yes, I have no shame. But for all the right reasons, which include pissing off everyone else. So won't you join the good fight? Nominate me and everyone else listed below to finally make your parents proud, even if they're dead.

MLPcritic (me!) for the blogger category

My other place of business, Horse News, is #2 in the weird category! Make it number one!

With the completion of his novel, M.A. Larson is eligible for a Shorty Award in "Author"

Queen of bronies and other fanboys, Tara Strong, is up for voice actress. So vote for Harley.

Some of my favorite shows should be nominated. So here are some random ones for no reason.

Also I'm personally voting for Animated James for Artist for the same reason you should vote for me. Because fuck it.

So what are you waiting for? DO IT. DO IT NOW. FOR ALL OF THEM.

seriously vote. or don't. fuck off.

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