Saturday, August 9, 2014

Marceline and Bubblegum officially dated and it doesn't surprise anyone

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Shippers everywhere today rejoiced in the Adventure Time fandom, while others made attempts on their lives. Naval war was sparked by the official news that, yes, Marceline and PB did in fact bump magical uglies at one point. It's canon folks. 

Sadly no one was surprised at all.

Brought to the attention of /co/ today, this YouTube video posted by user Tyler Smith confirms the ship that every pervy middle aged man or Tumblr girl has been dying to have confirmed. Olivia Olson, VA for Marceline, was at a Barnes & Noble book signing event for the upcoming Adventure Time Encyclopedia and spilled the beans. While it's not clear who "he" is from the video, it is assumed by many a conspirator that it's series creator and sweater enthusiast Pendleton Ward.

The story behind the two royal bad asses? Well basically it validates all that porn you accidentally find Googling the characters. Officially Marceline and PB have dated. Unfortunately do to the ignorant and small minded nature of foreigners (Thanks Obama!), it seems this can never be expressed on the air. However, there may be hopes in the future in comics or other books for this tidbit to be expressed officially.

Now one would think that such a big reveal for a show would cause quite a stir in the fandom, I mean lesbian vampires and anthropomorphic royal bubblegum masses are now canon! Well it seems Adventure time fans, who I will from now refer to as Adventurers, aren't even phased. Like, at all.

Do you need a sex scene to prove it people?
Seriously, for hardcore fans it's easy to see why this isn't a surprise at all. Hints of the relations ship are everywhere in previous episodes. The infamous shirt that PB wears as pajamas. Now for all my non-virgin readers, haven't you ever had an article of clothing you wear from a special someone? Maybe even as pajamas? Guess who else did that.

Then there's little pictures like up above, moments between characters where it's basically spelled out, and even the comic series Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens about their adventures together. Alone. Take that Finn x PB shippers, fuck your headcanons!

Search your feelings shippers, you know it to be true
The real questions for Adventurers now have to be what other pairings can the officially make? Will Ice King finally stop being a reborn virgin? Does LSP manufacture LSD? Will Lemongrab finally go the fuck away? While none of these questions can't officially be answered, I'm sure all the fans are dreaming of the answers when Season 7 of Adventure Time comes around.

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Did you really think your Finn x Marceline ship would hold up? From that shaved hair cut it was clear which way Marceline swung, Plebs. Also we still need writers.


  1. Stuff like this turning into a culture isn't anything new. It's not anything different from the human fandom turning it into culture by making movies, games, shows, etc. :)

  2. Well, considering interspecies dating is normal in their universe then it would make sense that same gender dating is normal too. Kind of the beauty of fantasy and sci fi genre really.

  3. Yeah, I found that porn accidentally. Right.