Thursday, March 19, 2015

A new Galactic Kids Next Door series and all its cryptic clues

Just when you thought the pools were closed for kids, the KND comes back to bust open the gates. After it's finale in 2008, Kids Next Door left kids around the world defenseless against adult tyranny. Turns out, they were just working behind the scenes.

And they may be coming back.

This animatic popped up several hours ago randomly by user Morbidcrab. At first it seems as though this could simply be a fan animation, but as it goes on, you can tell that this is something more official. All original characters voices are spot on and the style is too consistent, so this seems to be an official animatic. 

This could maybe be a fan production with some very good fan VAs, but then you go to series creator Tom Warburton's blog and can find this sketch that matches the animatic design.

"hmmmmmm" indeed
Then there comes a retweet from Numbuh 5 voice actress Cree Summer, and what does the original tweet happen to be about? 

None of this compares to the cryptic stuff you're about to see. Guess what though, it's on The Rainbow Monkeys website! When you press the button on the front page, everything seems so fun and innocent. Then you click the monkey's nose and it gets...dark.

What...well shit. Let's see what happens when you enter in some stuff...


Oh dear...


Well it looks pretty damn sketchy. There's more information from different searches, so I wonder what happens when I type in "GALACTIC"

Some spooky stuff, that's what.

When it happens, you're met with this. The message reads "Stop the G:KND" and gives a countdown of days, hours, minutes, and seconds. To what you might ask? When looking aroun the site's text entry file, we can see that the count down on top is leading to (depending on your time zone) midnight of April 1st, thirteen days from writing this article. And that's STILL not how far the rabbit hole goes. Do you see this ugly thing?

Turns out that this is numbuh vine. And numbuh vine has a facebook account. Created on February 7th and a member of the KND facebook group, this facebook account also gives an astonishing amount of clues and messages too, all leading to the same thing: April 1st.

"Save the Earth"
"countdown has begun"

Alright, so there's two possibilities here. Since the Cartoon Network media release had no mention of an official series actually premiering this year, this either an elaborate plan leading up to an official announcement about a new series in the works OR just a huge "fuck you" to fans. However, I think the former has more ground thanks to this entry in the G:KND index.

Suit up kids, we're going to war.


    "Temporarily recomissioned"

  2. I just noticed this, but if you zoom into the background at the various pieces of code, they are some sexual innuendos.
    "PERM should be $PERM"

  3. I'm not worried if this is a prank or not, if it is people will take what we got from this trailer and run with it (making their own stories to complete the animation) Or its going to be an actual episode/mini movie to fill some plot holes and maybe make some new ones.