Saturday, March 21, 2015

Metalocalypse season 5 is dead

We're late to the game on this one (as usual) but there's no sense in denying it any further. After four seasons and a rock opera of incredibly bad ass proportions, it looks like Metalocalypse is coming to an abrupt halt. America's most brutal show will not receive a fifth season, and the news came from creator Brendon Small himself.

After an incredible and continuity laced fourth season being finished off with the unbelievably epic death metal opera Doomstar Requiem, Adult Swim's series Metalocalypse looked like it was still going strong, ending on a cliff hanger relating to dark forces taking over Murderface's body. Not just that, but staff were already geared up and began pre-production for Season 5.

But then executives just had to shit on everything.

According to Small, the already planned out season was killed before it could even get off the ground. Cartoon Network and/or Adult Swim executives with a penchant for pop music, soft rock, and other more disgusting genres had just finished jerking off and renewing lesser shows when Brendon Small approached their desks with his magnum opus of a show. It was then that these masochist assholes brought down the banhammer on the season, ending the greatest show about death metal that ever existed.

However there may be a tiny glimmer of hope, metal heads. The super gore and church burn-alicious soundtracks might not have to end completely now. Small apparently is still planning a way to fittingly end the series, even if Season 5 isn't happening. He even reassured his fans that it ain't over yet.

You better not, Brendon. You've seen how crazy Dethklok fans can get. Don't force them to make their own content...

>yfw nathan explosion brony fan fiction art is right above this sentence. Even I find that disturbing.

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