Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pokemon The Anime Series And How It Progressed

Everyone knows what Pokemon is because it resonates deep inside us as a nostalgic piece of our hearts and for me personally will always be one of my favorite franchises ranging from the show to the games and even the manga.

 That being said this article is not for us to splash in the puddles of nostalgic spaghetti, no. We are here to look at the animated series as a whole and see how it developed and possibly for the future of the series. As most of you know Pokemon is a rather popular franchise based around a world of people and special creatures known as Pokemon which are like if you combined military weapons and real life animals so the most logical thing to do is create a competition where these Pokemon battle each other.

                                                             Example: Bulbasaur
 Pokemon as a franchise has a ton of branches but one very memorable branch on the tree was the anime. In this series we follow a cunt young boy named Ash Ketchum (Catch Them get it HA) as he journeys to become a Pokemon master with his new friends all the while foiling the plans of a evil organization called Team Rocket. (Spoiler: Ash sucks and never becomes a master)

                                                      Uniting the nation one Pikachu at a time.
 As far as the show goes it started out fairly well besides the prick of a lead it had interesting characters, a fun story, and over all a very exciting word that you can't help but get sucked into so much in fact I almost watched the show religiously as a child.

 One of my favorite things about the Pokemon franchise in general is how creative the makers are or were in each part of the Pokemon world. The games, manga, and show all had clever things or secrets that were put in by clever people that made the franchise that much more interesting.

                           Lavender Town: A 2spooky town that contains many mysteries and gave rise to much controversy
 That being said the big question is has Pokemon as a series held up to today? Before we can answer that lets compare the old Pokemon to the new Pokemon. The old series was a intense bad ass adventure where each battle needed strategy and cunning to allow the scales of battle to lean in your direction, on top of the intense battles the characters of the story have to go through many hard tasks almost ending up dead on a few occasions but yet having many touching moments.

                                                                    The Gang
 Now lets look at Pokemon Black and White Adventures in sexuality Unova, This is a perfect example of a bad ass show dropping down to kindergarten level. The really toned this show down to fit kid audiences, everything about it screams for kids even the dialogue. No longer do the battles really on wit now the winner is usually just the person who believes in their Pokemon more. (Diglet use earthquake on Pigeot- Had No Affect, You Need To Believe In Yourself More) I also the characters are all as annoying as Ash if not more and you are not rooting for them to succeed but for them to die horribly but trust me that wont happen this is a kids show.
                                                                     The Gay
 Now based on this I would have to say no there is no more hope for the Pokemon franchise but yet there is one more shining beacon of hope that shines for these series, and that hope is The Pokemon Origins Movie.

                                                                   The Messiah
 This movie does not follow Ash Ketchum but tells of the origins of the Pokemon Franchise based on the game and manga following Red the harbor of the lord and savior Helix Fossil.

                                                                   Praise Helix
 This movie is very good and I recommend for to get your black ass up to watch it. How does this spell hope for the show? Well I believe it show that the creators still have great potential in them that is yet to be seen but spell great things for the future of Pokemon and we were able to catch a glimpse of it through these great people looking back and touching their roots.

                                                                        Literally Touching
 So for now no one knows whether Pokemon will last for ever but all we do know is it will always be with us in our hearts and in our rule 34 files.