Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Return of Courage the Cowardly Dog?

The show that brought you your first piss your pants moments of fear from a TV show, Courage the Cowardly Dog is the Oscar Nominated modern classic from Cartoon Network. It had a good run from it's 1999 premiere to the heart warming series end in 2002, accumulating over 100 aired segments. 

So as one of the most beloved cartoons of the Cartoon Network renaissance, it honestly would make sense that it would receive some sort of modern nod or reboot, right? Especially considering the Powerpuff Girls has had not one, but two specials already. Well now it looks like Courage has risen from the dead.


Now you maybe a little bit too excited for this remake. Don't get me wrong, I'm very interested in what's new in Nowhere but there's some serious changes coming to your screen. For example, with the second Powerpuff Girls special, what was everyone's initial complaint from ONLY seeing previews? Why it's the crappy attempt to jump on the CG band wagon instead of using the style everyone loves. Nothing but an annoying way to get around making good content, right?

Well guess what you're going to be complaining about here.

Yes the simplistic design of the original show is transformed in to even more basic CG. Now while I do think the CG is somewhat cheap, it some how works. Strange, right? I'm still raging over the PPG special for the animation but this just feels like it fits. This just seems like a perfect compliment to the show's style of different and strange, like they just made it straight from original drawings.

But the animation won't be the only important part to a new Courage episode. Remember all the monsters that would freak you out a kid? Hell one of them WAS a CG monster and it was creepy as shit. There were also the Jew Movie zombies, the floating white head, and the tabl-OH GOD THE MEMORIES. NOT THE TABLET EPISODE NO. NO. PLEASE GOD, NOOOOOOO- sorry about that last one. 

Well fans, you may be pleasantly surprised that series Director John Dilworth has not lost his vision for creepy shit. Take a look at demon thing.

Well now I'm officially impressed. Granted I'm only getting this from the one 37 second clip released today, but it looks like a solid addition to the series, and I welcome it. 

My only big hang up is that Eustace has a new voice actor, and if you watch the video you can tell it sounds nothing like the original. This only happened to the unfortunate death of Eustace's original voice actor Lionel G. Wilson, who died less than a year after Courage ended it's run. While I don't know who the new voice actor is, I wish him well and hope he can live up to Mr. Wilson.

All in all, this does look like a much better special than the last PPG effort, but there's very little to go on at this point, especially considering Muriel wasn't even shown in the clip. What I can say is the style works, the monster lives up to the old creepy vibe, and courage even seems to be on the same wacky terrified level from over a decade ago. 

Welcome back Courage, now please kick Johnny Test off the air.

MLPcritic here to remind you that for all of your small technicolor horse content, check out Capper I plugged us, you fat bastard.

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